Virtual Motivation & Inspiration

$150- 10 minutes topless breathing & stretching

Happy & Healthy 2021



$100- Photos

$150 -Video

Audio Date

$100-30 minutes


Virtual Fun

$150- Consultation

$200- 15 minutes

$250-20 minutes


Quarantine Bae

$555-per week

Texts, Photos, Emails, Video

I will be your personal Mistress!

San Diego,CA Platonic Dates

 For those who put their Health & Safety 1st due to Covid19= Masks Required.

S.D. Public meetings, outdoors, fun activities are all social-distancing outdoors enjoying life.

It doesn't matter how strong, or fit you are. Everyone is on the same playing field. New Year=New Opportunities!

$150-Fitness (personal training)

* Do you need a cardio partner?

We can walk, run, bike, hike, swim, golf, play soccer, baseball, basketball...

$125-Coffee, or Tea?

$175- Breakfast

$200- Lunch

$300- Dinner

$1k- 5 hours

$2k- 1 Day

 Wellness Check

I can cook & will bring a healthy snack, or meal.

This is for no risk human healthcare to make a new friend.

$300- TLC


Adopt A Bill- Pick A Bill To Pay...I have several.

$250-Cash Meet ups are always available because I am a lifestyle Domina.

I LOVE BLUE 100's & PINK 50's! Send $50 now as a unconditional gift to show your serious via Venmo, or Cashapp


Worn Panties

$50 a pair + S&H

Delivery $150-2 pair Fresh

Benefactor & Sponsor

* Contact me with my allowance, or your available budget.

Accepting all tokens of appreciation. Feel free to spoil me with giftcards, hotel rewards points, flight miles, surprise me with spa day, shopping spree to make your Queen happy. I have a fetish for designer sunglasses, hats, sneakers, and bags. I will gladly send you photos of me with your unconditional contribution.