Are you seeking a real phenomenal woman to worship, and adore? I am a remarkable person with a gregarious spirit. Unleash your mind & step out of your comfort zone. I inspire happiness because I am a humble person. Let me coach you with my magical positive energy. I am physically pretty, but my vibe is dope. I have always been novice & newbie friendly!
When I started working as an adult entertainer back in my College years it was my career, but now this is my hobby. After I had created my family, I became the matriarch of my tribe, so now I am Queen Bia with a very unique, and truly amazing soul.
Trust is a must. I travel where I am wanted, and needed. I love sharing my time with those who appreciate my powerful sexiness. I'm not a judgmental human. I have empathy.

A little about me: I have a sense of humor, a taste for adventure, openness, a healthy glow, appetite, patience, confidence, perfectly imperfect, smart-ass with a bit of sarcasm. I love to sun bathe nude! I was born to swim, run, & motivate. Music is life. I offer joy, love and acceptance. I can be your sexual seductress that helps you through therapy. I do not, like to limit myself.  I love options, kink, variety & spice! Connection, compatibility, and chemistry, is a must. I am a professional woman of leisure. My style is versatile. Playing kinky is my passion, but I love romance too. Everyone is different. Role-Play, Fantasies, Fetishes, & BDSM Are My Specialty! 

I am the Queen of all traits!

Respect for my time increases when we are both invested. I have a zero tolerance for liars, time wasters, and the discourteous.  Please only apply if you are an individual with integrity.  My time is never free. I can afford to be selective. I only reserve my time for those who praise me. I am a strong female who deserves the finest.  A few words that describe me: sybarite, hedonist, sensualist, & bon vivant. Currently achieving mental wellness, and inner peace. I aspire to be more ambitious seeking pleasure.

I am an independent Goddess on an adventurous journey of sensual pleasures with a luxurious lifestyle.

I started modeling professionally at a young age. Growing up in Southern California has made me infatuated with beach life. I have a fondness to travel & recently acquired Global Entry. In my extensive set of skills is a deep attachment to food, and adoration for cooking. I first became interested in preparing food at the age of 10 it fills my heart with warmth.  I have always had a great enthusiasm for baking. Cuisine & authentic cookery has made me develop a strong admiration for all cultures. I love culinary arts & gourmet meals!

I hope everyone is doing well during the disarray. These are different times. I have changed the way I operate by offering a variety of options to cater to the needs of others.  I am a natural caregiver. I hope that you are safe and healthy. Sending you love, positivity & prayers. I care about everyone's well-being. Please wash your hands.

Wear your masks in public por favor.

Please keep in mind that I do not host. If you require a meeting location I will gladly reserve the hotel of your choice provided you supply funds to accommodate booking. Hotel must be 4-5 star. My contributions are calculated from my own personal self worth for my private time as an exclusive model & companion. I am only available to a few, select people. It is my choice to restrict my time to those who are like-minded, and good-natured human beings. I appreciate everyone who loves & cares to bless me with appreciation.

I greatly appreciate your interest in little old Bia. I prefer to keep life simple. I only surround myself with positive energy.

My heart is full of love. I am a true spirit of love & pure light! Smile for me! xoxo

* Chemistry is everything!

Prerequisite for spending time with any person is they must nourish & inspire. Set your life on fire & seek those who fan your flames. Everybody does not deserve to be around you. Please enjoy a few of my favorite cell phone selfies...